Preventative Care Tips From Vive Med Spa!

One of the most important keys to having great skin is to incorporate a healthy skincare regime into your everyday lifestyle. Giving your skin a little TLC every day is a great way to have fabulous skin for years and decades to come. Check out just a few tips for keeping your skin healthy, bright and beautiful for a lifetime!

Use Sunscreen Daily

As important as the sun is, it can do some damage to your skin if left unprotected. Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the skin, harming skin cells, and causing premature signs of aging, such as fine lines, texture, brown discoloration, redness, large pores, wrinkles and sagging. In some cases, this exposure to UV rays can damage skin DNA and lead to skin cancer. Sunscreen is one of the best tools we have at protecting our skin from the sun. Our physicians recommend we all apply SPF 30 or higher on the face every single day of the year, no matter the weather. Apply sunscreen on all exposed areas if you are outside for longer periods and re-apply often, at least every 1 – 2 hours.

In addition to sunscreen, articles of clothing like brimmed hats, sunglasses with UV protection lenses, and sun shirts can also protect your skin from the sun. Thorough and consistent protection from the sun can keep your skin looking great for decades to come.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking introduces thousands of chemicals into your body, many of which affect your skin. Nicotine, for example, can dry out your skin and make it dull, while free radicals can destroy collagen and make skin sag and produce wrinkles. Smoking is a skincare sin, leading to dull, sagging, and wrinkled skin in addition to other negative effects on your body.

To counteract these effects, you’ll want to first and foremost try to quit smoking. To stop and reverse the damage, using trusted health products (preferably those with antioxidants and moisturizing properties) can help produce more firm, radiant skin.

Manage Your Stress

Just like how cigarettes can put a physical strain on your body and skin, so can mental and emotional stress. Stress triggers inflammation in the body, which leads to acne breakouts or other kinds of skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema.

Stress is also linked to dry skin and hair and nail issues, so stress is a general skin care nightmare. Try to keep your stress as low as you can to keep your skin from feeling the consequences. Mindful thoughts and actions, along with a healthy lifestyle including daily exercise help relieve stress.

Proper Diet & Exercise

We often hear about the physical and mental health benefits of diet and exercise, but their effect on skin health can sometimes be overlooked. The truth is, diet and exercise can make up a huge part of the skin’s overall health. Exercise promotes blood flow and keeps cells nourished while also helping reduce stress.

A balanced diet can help to keep the cells nourished and fight against factors like free radicals that degrade skin in the long term. Look for foods with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and essential amino acids. Oh, and be sure to get plenty of water!

diet exercise

Check Your Current Skincare

The cause of your skin concerns may be in the house! Over the years, we have noticed that many of our clients’ issues are due, at least in part, to their type of cleanser, moisture cream, and other daily products. Using the correct products to treat your skin issues in your daily skincare regime will give you the results you want. Keeping things clean and free of bacteria is important too. Wash your face in the morning and at night, and remove makeup before going to bed. Clean your makeup brushes and cleansing tools regularly – which means once a week wash everything in warm soapy water, disinfect, and let air dry. Change your pillow case regularly, which means once a week.

Get Regular Skin Check-ups

Your skin, like your eyes, teeth, and other parts of the body, should receive regular check-ups to make sure that everything is normal and healthy. We suggest clients come in at least once or twice a year for a skin check-up to ensure your skin is healthy and we have not missed any potential issues before they get out of hand.

skin check up

Start Right Now!

Now is the perfect time to start making changes to help your skin. Don’t wait until you reach a certain age or have skin issues. The earlier you start a daily healthy skincare regime for your specific skin type that includes: cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and protection from UV and free radicals, the better your skin will look and feel over the long-term.

Let Vive Med Spa Guide Your Skincare!

Looking for more tips on how to take care of your skin? Be sure to check out our blog, and to book a consultation with us to have our skincare professionals craft your personalized skincare routine!

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