5 Strategies to Help you "Look & Feel Fabulous This Fall"

5 Strategies to Help You Look and Feel Fabulous This Fall:

1. Medical Grade Skincare incorporates higher quality and higher levels of active ingredients, backed up by clinical studies, to give you REAL results. Apply an antioxidant vitamin C serum on clean skin in the morning to protect existing collagen and improve skin health.
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Add a skin brightening cream or serum to help fade brown spots, and finish with a daily sun protection product to prevent further photo aging.
At night, apply a Retinol cream to increase cellular renewal and boost collagen while you sleep. Medical grade eye creams offer proven active ingredients to improve the appearance of fine lines and loss of elasticity.
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Depending on your skin type and skin health, our clinicians will recommend specific products to treat issues such as redness, sun damage, acne, melasma, and texture. Book a complimentary consultation and skin analysis which includes clinical photography and a personalized treatment plan just for you.
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2. Medical Aesthetic treatments such as Medical Facials, Steam and Extractions, and Chemical Peels are affordable treatments that help skin recover from the effects of sun damage, acne, and aging. Improve cellular turnover at a deeper level, relieve congested pores, improve skin texture and tone, and help bring back a more reflective, smooth complexion.
3. Laser Rejuvenation Treatments help improve overall skin health, rebuild collagen, keep skin firm and smooth, and decrease the appearance of photo aging, pores, laxity, lines, wrinkles, and scarring. Limelight treats sun damage, redness, spider veins, brown spots, and rough texture. Limelight improves texture, minimizes discolouration, and gives your complexion a more consistent, glowing finish.
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Laser Genesis minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, pores, redness, and scarring. Laser Genesis stimulates collagen, resulting in a smooth, firm, reflective complexion.
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Venus Legacy tightens, firms, and rebuilds collagen over the face, neck, and body. Six to eight treatments for the face and neck helps tighten loose skin, softens wrinkles, redefines the jawline, lifts and smooths, and improves the health of the skin. Eight to ten treatments for body targets cellulite and stretch marks; tightens loose skin and debulks the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, back, and arms. No recovery time, quick treatments, and real results make this a popular treatment for face and body for both women and men.
4. Laser Resurfacing with Pearl Resurfacing Laser Treatment and Fraxel Resurfacing Laser Treatment significantly improves advanced scarring, sun damage, lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, overall skin health and appearance with 4 to 5 days of social downtime.
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5. In jectable treatments can instantly refresh your look, resulting in a smoother, more relaxed looking face with softer lines and a more balanced shape.

Book a complimentary consultation today to learn how we can help you meet your rejuvenation goals. 403.237.8428

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